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Work differently

FlexiExpert by Blindspot is the platform for flexible hiring of top-class professionals. It fills the blind spots among working positions, or in the work diary of experts.  

FlexiExpert platform brings new forms of internal services, new ideas and new fresh wind. 


FlexiExpert is for companies which need experts. FlexiExpert is for experts who want to be flexible. FlexiExpert is for everyone, who doesn't want to stay blind to the breath-taking changes in the business world.  Ready to join us?

FlexiExpert by BLINDSPOT is finally born! 

Now you can join the beta version of platform and be among the very first FlexiExperts or Clients. 


Don’t miss the latest news on the FlexiExpert platform.

Be the first to know about new features and improvements.

Just leave us your e-mail! 

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FlexiExpert by BLINDSPOT covers an empty places in various fields

  • Management & Executives

  • Project Management

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Legal & Regulatory

  • Media, PR, Marketing & Entertainment

  • Human Resources & Professional Development  

  • Compliance, Risk & Governance

  • CSR & Sustainable Development

  • Procurement & Supply Chain

  • Back Office & Support

  • Technology, Analytics & Data

FlexiExpert is fast, flexible, financially efficient solution

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Time saving

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Personnal cost saving

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Out of box


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